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Calico Ghost Town Jan 2022

Odessa Loop / Phillips Loop - We spent two nights in Calico Ghost Town conquering the local trails. It is fairly easy to find, just take the 15fwy and exit Calico Rd in Yermo, CA. Be sure to hit Eddie World to top off gas and for some jerky and candy!

There are 3 main obstacles:

1. The Wall

2. Wall St. - Pretty straightforward, just take it really slow as some of the rocks can be loose and your truck can shift if you rush it

3. Pucker Pass!! - Talk about MAX ANXIETY! Even with the best line your rear driver tire dips off the edge of the cliff!

For these trails we would recommend 4x4, sliders, skids, 33s, and recovery gear. We were able to do the trail with a full size Tundra just fine :)

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